For the flexible packaging industry

The founder of the company has build up over 25 years of experience in one of the biggest chemical companies in Holland. Experience in R&D and the design and development of measuring equipment has resulted in a range of instruments for the flexible packaging industry.

J&B material hot tack testers are highly sophisticated instruments that quickly and automatically test materials such as films, tapes and laminates. Also material testers for sheets, plates and composites for the food and non-food industry are part of the product range.

State of the art mechanics

Conventional methods of testing these materials are now done more quickly, less costly and more accurately. J&B material testers are operating automatically and are designed to be user independent. Therefore your results will become more accurate and you will have quick access to the information you need to improve and maintain your quality and productivity.

J&B is dedicated to develop and manufacture user-friendly hot tack testers by utilizing state of the art mechanics, electronics and optics.

ASTM F1921-12 test method

The J&B plastic tester uses the ASTM F1921-12 test method for testing the heat seal strength.

The Hot Tack Tester is a highly sophisticated instrument for testing sealing properties of packaging material.It is being used in research and development as well as in SQC/SPC applications for raw materials; semi finished goods and finished packaging products.


All our testers have Windows® based software, which make the testers easy to operate. 

Features as computerized testing parameters, can be easily set by just retrieving a desired parameter file, are common to all our testers.

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