Setting the stage for innovation - introducing Vived Management's suite of advanced instruments

Anticipating in the field of innovation, by introducing advanced instruments from Vived Management, is no simple task. But with today's technology, it can all become reality.

Introducing Vived Management's suite of advanced tools

Vived Management, with over 10 years of experience in the chemical sector and a pioneer in research and development, has already revolutionized the quality tests for the flexible packaging industry. All this has been made possible by introducing our suite of advanced tools, where we have replaced traditional methods with faster, cheaper and more accurate alternatives.

Our instruments are designed for the fast world of flexible packaging, accommodating materials such as films, tapes, laminates, sheets, plates and composites. Our J&B material hot tack testers are acclaimed for their advanced design and automatic operation, making them independent of the user. This increases the accuracy and accessibility of essential information to maintain quality and productivity.

Preparing the ground for Innovation

Vived Management has established itself firmly in the Machinery and Equipment sector, and is leading the way in offering innovative solutions. Our advanced tools are designed to help companies increase their efficiency and optimization.

With a focus on technology-driven management, we have succeeded in developing a range of next-generation tools that can help companies streamline their processes and create value. Our advanced management suite has everything, from tools that enable measuring the heat seal strength, to our sample feeder for automatic testing and sample cutter for cutting the exact width, very long samples.

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At Vived Management, we believe it's time to rethink and renew the traditional way of doing business. And that's why we're setting the stage for innovation.

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