FABs of J&B Hot tack tester HT5000MB

J&B Hot Tack Tester HT5000MB - Elevate Your Packaging Process

Experience the breakthrough in hot tack technology with the J&B Hot Tack Tester HT5000MB by Vived Management. Our advanced instrument is designed to measure the heat sealing properties of packaging material under precise, controlled conditions. It's the key to optimizing sealing quality, speeding up operations, reducing costs, and improving product composition.

Unrivalled Features, Advantages, and Benefits

The HT5000MB isn’t just a hot tack tester. It's a compact powerhouse of advancements and an indispensable addition to any lab involved in food packaging. Here's why:

  • Compact Design: With dimensions of 220 x 287 x 556 mm, it demands less lab space and is portable, meaning more room for other essential equipment.
  • Unique Tacknology: We focus on improving food packaging with our unique technology, boasting an excellent track record in the industry.
  • Maintenance-Free: Our testers are plug-and-play, requiring no extra costs for maintenance.
  • Calibration Service: We ensure optimal performance and accurate measuring results consistently.
  • Windows-Based Software: Our user-friendly software makes report creation and data comparison a breeze.
  • Fast Temperature Change: Conduct multiple measurements in no time, maximizing efficiency in your lab.
  • Pneumatic Protection Plates: Easy cleaning of the seal bars guarantees correct results every time.
  • Extended Peel: With an extra 24mm peel possible post-sealing, we enable the measurement of force when the sample is in stretch.
  • Sample Feeder: Our automatic sample supply system enhances repeatability and frees up your operators for other tasks.
  • Higher Peel Speed: With standard speeds from 600mm/s up to 1000mm/s, we are future-proofed for increasing food packaging machine speeds.
  • Rigid Mode: Versatility in measuring both rigid and flexible samples.

Beacon of Excellence

Vived Management is more than a company. We are a promise of quality, a beacon of innovation, and your partner in success. With our advanced technology, expansive experience, and unwavering dedication, we set the standard in the flexible packaging industry.

Step into the future of packaging with the J&B Hot Tack Tester HT5000MB today. Experience the Vived difference in quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

The J&B Material Hot Tack Testers | Vived Management

The J&B Material Hot Tack Testers | Vived Management

J&B material hot tack testers are highly sophisticated instruments that quickly and automatically test materials such as films, tapes and laminates.


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