From films to laminates - mastering the science of packaging testing

Vived Management, a Belgian company with more than 25 years of experience in the chemical industry, is a pioneer and revolutionizing the quality tests for the flexible packaging industry.

Our range of advanced instruments is designed for the fast-paced world of flexible packaging and works with a range of materials, including films, tapes, laminates, sheets, plates and composites, which are used in both the food and non-food sector. We replace time-consuming, expensive methods with fast, inexpensive and more accurate alternatives.

The science of packaging testing - Vived Management at the helm

Our J&B material hot tack testers are praised for their advanced design and automatic operation. They are designed to be independent of the user, increasing accuracy and making vital information easily available to maintain your quality and productivity. All testers are equipped with Windows®-based software, making operation simple and efficient. Computer-controlled test parameters can be easily set by retrieving a desired parameter file.

The Hot Tack Tester, a high-precision device used in R&D and SQC/SPC applications, is used to test the sealing properties of packaging materials, ranging from raw materials and semi-finished products to finished packaging products.

At Vived Management, we are committed to developing and manufacturing user-friendly, efficient hot tack testers using state-of-the-art mechanics, electronics, and optics.

From films to laminates - mastering the science of packaging tests

We invite you to experience the essence of quality testing with Vived Management, where technology meets efficiency. We believe in mastering the science of packaging testing, from testing packaging films to mastering laminate tests, we have it all under control.

Developing and creating reliable heat-seal strength testing instruments is what we do at J&B. These tools are designed to measure the heat-sealing properties of packaging materials in a precisely controlled environment.

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Vived Management, your partner in advanced packaging techniques and testing. We look forward to pushing the boundaries of packaging testing together with you. For more information, you can reach us at or +32 476 862 442.

VIVED Management | Vived Management

VIVED Management | Vived Management

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