J&B Hot Tack 5000

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J&B Hot Tack 5000 MB Tester

The J&B Hot Tack 5000 MB Tester is the improved version of the J&B Hot Tack 4000. The machine is more sophisticated than the previous successor the J&B Hot Tack 4000 hot seal strenght tester.
Our instrument can automatically measure the heat sealing properties of heat sealing packaging materials in an accurately controlled environment.

It is the ideal instrument for producers of raw materials, packaging material manufactures, semi-finished material producers and research laboratories. An extensive range of adjustable parameters enables the user to test various materials such as films and coated paper, with options to test cardboard and thicker laminates.

Advanced new features

  • Maintenance free 
  • Hot tack, peel only, seal only and rigid sample mode (rigid sample mode optional) 
  • Pneumatic software-controlled protection plates for easy cleaning 
  • Starting seal pressure of 0.05 N/mm²
  • Minimum sample size 250 mm 
  • Maximum peeling distance 130mm 
  • Optional Build-in tablet computer, keyboard and mouse 
  • Optional seal bar 10mm width x 50mm 
  • Optional higher force measurement up to 450N possible but this is less accurate 
  • Optional sample feeder for full automatic measurements 
  • Optional peeling speed up to 1000 mm/s 
One of the biggest advantages of our J&B Hot Tack tester is the option of an automatic sample feeder, it has not only the benefit of measuring several measurements automatically without the need of an operator but also by using the automatic sample feeder we can reduce the influence of the operator or enlarge the repeatability of the measurements.

There can be multiple measurements done automatically, depending on the length of the samples which you can cut yourself very easy and without the need of expensive cutting tools. In the time our J&B Hot Tack tester is testing the samples, the operator can do other jobs, less man hours and more work done. 

Looking for more information about the J&B Hot Tack 5000? Click here to download our Brochure! 

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