J&B Hot Tack 4000

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J&B Hot Tack 4000 Tester

The J&B Hot Tack 4000 Tester is the successor of the J&B Hot Tack 3000 Tester and is a highly sophisticated instrument that automatically measures the heat sealing properties of heat sealing packaging materials in an accurately controlled environment.

It is the ideal instrument for producers of raw materials, packaging material manufactures, semi-finished material producers and research laboratories. An extensive range of adjustable parameters enables the user to test various materials such as films and coated paper, with options to test cardboard and thicker laminates.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to operate 32 bits Windows® based software.
  • Fast testing sequence.
  • Utilizes piĆ«zo electric force transducer.
  • Measuring range 0-10/0-100N (±0.5% of FS).
  • Automatic motor controlled sample folding device.

Hot Tack is the strength of a heat seal immediately after sealing...before the seal has cooled down and reached maximum strength. The Hot Tack Tester is designed to simulate the automatic heat sealing packaging process. Various parameters such as: sealing temperature, time and pressure as well as cooling time (dwell time) and peel speed are programmable by the user. This instrument will also provide the operator with numeric and graphic reports. By analyzing these reports, a manufacturer can determine the optimal process parameters and guarantee a consistent quality product at lower costs.

After a sample is inserted, a special folding device is utilized to automatically fold the sample between the seal bars, making the test user independent. Once a test sequence is activated, a force transducer which measures the hot tack force, transmits the results to the computer. The 32 bits Windows® based software utilized by the hot tack tester is designed to produce individual and summary results. Sequential testing results can be analyzed in a compatible statistical program and can be presented either graphically or numerically. Parameters and testing results are stored for future use and can be easily retrieved.

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